The Bio-Tüte

Die Biotüten der Victorgroup im europaweiten Einsatz bei Aldi, Toom und Rewe.

Consumers are placing ever greater value on environmentally friendly products, and carrier bags from the supermarket are no exception. The convenient supermarket carrier bag should be strong and reusable as many times as possible as well as being attractive to look at and disposable in an environmentally sustainable way. With the Bio-Tüte, a sensible alternative to conventional polyethylene (PE) bags is now available on the market. In Germany alone, this organic alternative has already proved its worth millions of times over and has been available from a number of retail chains for over three years now. Production of the Bio-Tüte requires 50% less petroleum – a key component of the traditional PE bag – as vegetable starch is used instead. Researchers are working towards continuously increasing the starch content, preserving fossil fuels and protecting the environment. What’s more, the organic carrier bag is also more durable than conventional PE bags and is already compostable.

This website will help you understand the Bio-Tüte and its everyday benefits as well as how it is produced and disposed of.

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